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2 x 1m diptych oil on linen sprinkled with 10c natural gemstone diamonds and dusted with 10k gold leaf

This painting is the first in the series for a new book, which is titled ‘Our book.’ This book follows on the heels of another book I published titled ‘Your book’ that explains and illustrates the importance of using positive words. ‘Our book’ is a compilation of paintings that transcribe visual images of good feeling, positive words. A is the first letter of the alphabet, ‘Adventure’ is a word that describes a journey, a place to visit, or this moment in time.

‘Adventure’ has taken 12 months to finish, and it has been an adventure, it has moved studios three times and has been great fun painting. Some people go on adventures, but I see my life as an adventure, each day I wake up is an adventure. If it is raining, I grateful for the rain that will bring the flowers and fragrance in spring. If I am tired, I appreciate that I have to rest and take time for myself, eat nourishing food, and sleep — a time for recharging and absorbing. When things appear to go wrong, it is only temporary, and there is usually a lesson there to learn, it will pass.

At the heart of the painting is a ladder with the steps laced with gold leaf. The steps are going upwards to the sky and sun, a stairway to heaven. Branching out from the paths is a world of floating sailboats sailing on sparkling seas inspired from living on the Cote d’Azur and ladders that lead you to diamond-dusted rainbows. Circling high above are birds feathered with light-reflecting diamonds. The world is an adventure, a fairy tale as this world we live in can be, if we have the courage and determination to follow our intuitions and listen to our inner selves.

The teachings of Neville Goddard inspire me. In one of his lectures, he called the ‘The coin of heaven.’ He encourages you to create a garden in your mind. A garden full of trees and beautiful images, each one of these trees has to be pruned and cared for, and the trees are metaphors for people. The more loving, kind thoughts we have for others, the more we will see these qualities in others. By consistently listening to and responding to the things that make you happy slowly, your world will become an adventure that you have designed through your thoughts. Have fun, have an ADVENTURE.


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