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Oil & 10c natural gemstone diamonds & 10k gold leaf on linen, 100x 100cm 2017 ©kayhare

What is ‘Clarity’? This image represents an imaginary tree that has birds nestled in its branches. It is a home it is safe and full of life. Bursting with hope and possibilities. There are no dark bits, only light, and everything is clear. 

I painted this in response to working through the alphabet meditating on positive, good feeling words. I love the word clarity, and I love being in the state of mind of clarity. 

More and more, I reach this state, but it has not always been so easy. Many teachers have helped me to consciously guide and train my thoughts out of confusion into clarity. The more I have practiced good feeling thoughts in my inner world, the more it has come through in my paintings and my life in general.

Training your thoughts into contented, clear states of mind becomes a habit. Things start to work out. Attention to detail of what, each moment you are thinking, and importantly how this inner dialogue is affecting the future. 

When we train our thoughts to align with good feelings and positive energy, we also start to realise the power of these states of mind. They begin to manifest in the outer world. Being in a clear state of mind with time bring you situations and people who are also clear-minded and solutions appear before the problems arise. With this in mind, I find it the most important to subject to spend my time thinking, writing, and understanding.

If we can train our imaginations to see clearly into the future, we can change the past and create beautiful futures. Yes, we can build cars and money, but more importantly, we can visualize our landscapes being abundant again. If there is power in numbers through the law of attraction and energy, then the quicker and stronger will be the results. If more and more people become aware and train their imaginations to see clearly and picture our earth thriving, the animals and the coral reefs have a chance for future generations. I like to think of the ice melts, perhaps forming somewhere else to counterbalance the already dissolved icecaps. 

Goddard also suggests in one lecture that if you are not living the life you desire or if you are not happy with your everyday lifestyle, you must change it. You have to make yourself one hundred percent comfortable, and if you can’t do that in this lifetime, you are only delaying the process. Some people and close friends have said to me; they find the subject interesting from ‘an outsider point of view.’ None of us are outsiders; we all have imagination; without it, we could not think, and we would not breathe. Perhaps the answer is to concentrate on material desires to start with — Training thoughts to imagine the next car or seeing the next handbag. Once society starts to realize these manifestations are only the tip of the iceberg and will keep you happy for a day or two, then we can start using the beautiful gift of our imagination.

“Our realities are created through the power of our awareness, our thoughts, and our imagination.”Once inner clarity is reached regularly, it becomes effortless to start creating or to reverse situations that have not been clear. Neville Goddard believes that we can, through our imagination, create situations the way we wish. The imagination can be an essential tool to solve problems, to change the future or change the past. Many of his lectures discuss going back in time and revising the day. Each night before we sleep we must review our days to the way we wish they had been.


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