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Sail me to Tahiti

Oil, 10k gold leaf on linen, 50x 50 diptych 2016 ©kayhare

Tahiti is a beautiful island, the largest of the windward group of French Polynesia. Coral reefs and crystal blue bays surround them. It is also home to the Paul Gaugin Museum, who painted famous works such as Two Tahitian Women and many more. I love Paul Gaugin’s paintings for the colors and the freestyle of energy in the brush strokes. To me, his pictures are immediate and straight from his imagination without any interference from the ego. He worked spontaneously, and I think materials were quite necessary, but living on this island provided so much freedom to come through in his work. The climate allowed a relaxed state of living with few rules and regulations. 

The gold leaf is not only decorative. Gold carries invisible energy, although subtle attracts magnetic fields, invisible to the human eye.

Flowers and love bubbles permeate the atmosphere. This all suggests happy vibes and good feeling energy. ‘Sail me to Tahiti’ was also encouraged from a short sailing holiday in Croatia. Shortly after I started drawing and from the drawings, this painting slowly emerged. The boat is at the root of the picture covered in gold leaf to imply strength and endurance. The boat radiates energy that reflects dancing and rhythm. Grass skirts, fast hip-shaking, and colorful textiles are all part of the culture of Tahiti. The essence I am trying to imitate in this painting, ‘Sail me to Tahiti’ with broad brushstrokes and raw primary colors.

I wanted the painting to reflect a current of energy that is positive, pure, and, most of all of love. Everything is energy, and the Universe acts on energy and the higher the vibrations, the more positive feelings you will receive and enjoy.

All my paintings shower with positive energy. Sometimes I listen to 528hz frequency music to keep me in the right frame of mind to paint. I never paint from a state of mind that is tired or not feeling of a fantastic mood. So, sometimes listening to music helps and also encourages my subconscious to work from a deeper, much bigger pond of ideas and inspirations.


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