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Birds & Bees

Birds of a Feather series

Returning to England after ten years abroad in France has found me in a studio at the bottom of my garden in Kent, UK. I am surrounded by birds, squirrels, and my four-legged friend Skye, my English Springer Spaniel, who is my constant studio companion. 

All these elements are trickling into my work, and my new series of works' Birds of a Feather, is inspired by my love of animals and the countryside. I merge the birds with an imaginary background, drawing on the idea of dreaming. I am influenced by the teachings of Longchenpa, Nisargadatta, and Ramakant Maharaj, who believe we create our realities and are living a dream. So, with this in mind, my abstract paintings have merged with realistic horses and birds, as it's all one big dream, and there is no difference between the waking and dream state, just our concept of reality. So, there are no 'Still life' paintings or abstractions. They are all the same. 

Birds of a Feather i oil on linen, 50 x 80cm 2022 £5,800.jpg
Wren, oil on canvas. 18x24cm 2024
Red robin i
Red robin, oil on canvas, 20x20cm 2024
Fairy Wren, oil on canvasm 15x15cm 2024
yellow bird
Kingfisher, oil on canvas, 40x30cm 2024
Chaffinch, oil on canvas, 18x24cm, 2024
blackbird singing, oil on canvas, 24x 18cm 2022
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