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Horse 2023 i OIl on linen, 100cm x 130cm 2023.HEIC

Horse Paintings/ Commissions 

Oil on linen 

I am interested in reflecting on the horse's personality and the silent influence a horse can emit. 

Currently painting racehorses and show jumpers although the common horse is also a powerful expression of elegance and beauty. 

I am open to horse commissions and usually paint in oil on linen. I prefer to work from the horses directly to catch the twinkle in their eye. 

I hope my paintings guide and suggest to the viewer to take a step back and contemplate the horse and listen to the energy behind the painting. 

Horse with bumblebee oil on canvas 60 x42cm 2023
Horse portrait iii
Paulina ii
Paulina oil on canvas
Horse portrait I
White Mare
Horse, charcoal on paper, 150 x 119cm 2023
Horse portrait ii
untitled horse, oil on canvas,  112x 158cm 2002
BAY, oil on canvas, 25x 20cm  2022
Horse drawing 20.6.22
image for wix
Mane oil on canvas Kay Hare 2002
Mane ii, oil on canvas, 50x 50cm 2002
horse portrait i
Grey, OIl on canvas, 20x 20cm 2022
foal with blue background 2022
Bloodlines 100cm x 80cm OIl on canvas £9,700
foal with mixed background
Bay Oil on canvas 150 x 100cm 2000
Horse portrait iii
horse with foal red and yellow background 2022
horse blurred 2022
Horse and foal laying down 2022
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