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Horse Paintings/ Commissions 

Oil on linen 

I am interested in reflecting on the horse's spirit taking their environment into consideration. How old the horse is, what it has been used for, etc. 

I paint an exact replication of the horse as much as I can. However, the backgrounds remain mysterious. My paintings are contemporary and described as naive and childlike. They are not traditional in any sense, as there is a current thread running through all my work that questions the nature of our existence and who we are. 

I am open to horse commissions and usually paint in oil on linen. I prefer to work from the horses directly to catch the twinkle in their eye. 

I hope my paintings guide and suggest to the viewer to take a step back, contemplate the horse, and listen to the energy behind the painting. 

Mare oil on canvas 42x30cm 2024
Dapple grey, oil on canvas.20x26cm 2024
Paulina iv, oil on canvas, 42x30cm 2024
Paulina iii, oil on canvas, 42x30cm 2024
Pauline iii, oil on canvas, 42x30cm 2024
002 Grey Horse, oil on canvas, 25x20cm 2023
006 Fleeting glimpse, oil on linen, 100x 130cm
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