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The horses light

Light, so what is light? You can't see it or feel it or hold it. In the simplistic child's translation, it comes from the sun. But where is the light coming from in our dreams when we meditate and are in the dark, and ideas come to us in shapes and forms? Where is the source of light that is creating these images?

Then there is moonlight, but you can be outdoors at night when there is no moon, yet it's still light enough to see. You can be locked in a dark cell, yet light is still in the dark. Blind people still have visions which are shaped around light.

I am interested in what the horse sees when resting, playing, and competing. How do the horses remember places and people? Is it on sense or image? What colours do their ideas make up?

I think about the animals, the horses. What light do they see? We have preconceived ideas about light. From an early age, we are taught in school with colours being associated with references that relate to our material world. Before we learn to see and understand the concept of the waking state, others' ideas of the light have already consumed us.

Animals have no preconceived notions about light, don't hold attachments to different colours, and don't put names, titles and tags on colours. They associate some colours, like red, with fire for danger. But then, do they? Animals live in the present moment. They are not holding on to the past or looking forward to the future. Their memories are perhaps different to ours, limited. They start their days with a fresh slate. Each day is a blank canvas waiting to be explored.

Birds migrate from the signals light gives off. Birds' feathers are attracted and displayed through structural light. The feathers on a Kingfisher are indicated by structural light. This is the light given off by reflecting or scattering light from waves of specific frequencies that constructively interfere. Unlike traditional colour, which comes from dyes or pigments that absorb light, Perhaps the unexplained light in our dreams is being transmitted from energy frequencies, but where is the source of this energy?

In essence, we are creating light. It's coming from somewhere within us. In Buddhist philosophy, it comes from the source of everything, which is nothing but emptiness. The idea is that we, as sentient beings, were never born and never die. Who were we before we were born? This question will awaken the Buddha within and give rise to awareness. Horses and animals live in this space, they are completely unaware that they exist.

The rise of awareness in sentient beings brings the deep satisfaction of knowing that all is well and that we must be kind to one another and, most of all, ourselves.


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