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Monaco Lights

Oil on linen 100x100cm 2013

‘Monaco lights’ is part of a series of work titled ‘Dream landscapes. ‘ I am fascinated by dreams and their meanings, never quite sure which reality we are living. There are many types of dreams, I tend to occupy ‘lucid dreaming’ where I am aware of the dream and often wake up vividly remembering. I am trying to capture the effortless and limitless of dreaming in a visual language. What it feels like to daydream, where do we go? Many more questions arise, such as; what colors do we see, and who is it that is dreaming, or is it more than one person?

At school, we are often told not to daydream, but then later in life, realize our daydreaming is essential. Some people have created their lives following their dreams and passions. It is the most important thing we can do. Our imagination is given to us to use, and we create our realities through our ideas, intuition, and our thoughts. When I am in a lucid dream, it feels like I am floating in an atmosphere of pastel shades and ethereal hues.

The ethereal is a part of our auras that are communicating and connecting us to the outer, exterior world of our bodies. It is the energy radiating from us, like a rainbow. It casts an aura of light. If the body is healthy and well balanced, it is of the lighter pastel shades. When I am floating, I feel the more luminous, fluorescent atmosphere which I have transcribed into the painting ‘Monaco Lights.’

Monaco is relatively small in size and has a powerful backdrop of the Upper Corniche, which is a high mountain range. This mountain area provides shelter to the coast, which provides a warmer microclimate. It rarely snows, and rain does not last long. A home to cacti and a wider variety of flowers as well as fruit trees it is a pleasant and sunny environment most of the year-round. Vast skies above bright blue seas dominate the scenery. All along the Cote d’Azur nature is the primary aspect. Many towns nestle in harbors under the shelter of the mountains. Some have gradually worked their way up the hills, such as the town of Eze, with beautiful views.

This landscape reminds me that we are only here as guests, and nature is a powerful force that we have to respect and take time to understand. This painting is in a private collection in Monte Carlo.

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