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Oil on linen, 100x 100 diptych 2017 ©kayhare

This painting is a series I am creating based on positive words. I am working my way through the alphabet focusing on words that inspire good feelings. “Illuminate is one of a series of paintings that inspire positive, good feeling words.”

I dwell on a word and then create images from the feeling of the word. Illuminate is the largest of the series being 100 x 200cm. This image is focusing on trees, which is a commonly occurring theme in my work. I titled this oil painting ‘illuminate’ as this word resonates with lighting up – making something brighter or clearer. I wanted the ‘trees’ to bounce and vibrate with an aura. At the time, I was reading Alice Bailey ‘Consciousness of the atom’ which repeats the idea that we are all vibration, and with this in mind, our thoughts and feelings are ‘tuned in’ to if you like, a wavelength which is entirely only positive or negative. The good news is we get to decide and can deliberately train or switch onto the frequency we choose. I often use the image of a tree as a metaphor for growth and rebirth. Trusting nature to guide us and following the law of attraction that says ‘like attracts like’ the more we relax, the more we find our true selves. Nature responds to the seasons, with the tree following the climate, in winter it retreats into the earth, in spring, it starts to flower and to blossom in summer with the warmth of the sun and, finally losing its leaves in the autumn. Nature is abundant, and it never strains and struggles. Trees carry the energy, and it is the easiest way to train the third eye to see auras. The moon also is a perfect example of the power associated with auras. I often see a persons’ aura at the end of my yoga classes, especially when the light is dim. A white glow, the magnetic field surrounds each person; with enough training, some people can see auras around individuals in daylight, walking down the street or out shopping. However, most people have to train their eyes to develop this gift. I hope this painting is uplifting and inspiring and is a reminder to keep our thoughts positive and of a high vibration. “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” ― Nikola Tesla


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